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How much Goddess do you allow yourself to be?

Today is a special day for us women. It's International Women's Day. Actually it's quite sad, just one day a year. We should give ourselves all the space, gratitude and love we need, everyday.

The world would be so much more beautiful, radiant an vibrating with joy if all the potential feminine love, attention and creativity would reach every spot on this beautiful planet and with this, nourishing everything present in her magical realms. So, again: how much Goddess do you allow yourself to be?

What does this statement trigger within you? Are you familiar with her? Or is it a strange question? Are you able to sincerely relate to the word Goddess? Does it make you glow, fill you up with joy and make you proud? Or does it make you feel uncomfortable? Or are you dismissing the thought of taking this seriously at all?

I don't blame you if you do. I did it for al long time myself. And probably not only this life, but many lives before too. And let's be frank: It's just a well known fact that the last thousands of years are His-tory....

And not Her-story....

We often think that feminism is just a hype from the last century and it has lost it's meaning and necessity by now. Maybe that's what is looks like if you look at it in a time frame of hundred years. I think it's time to look at the bigger picture. Not for drama's sake or to point fingers, but for the sake of our own essence as women. If you allow yourself to comprehend the fact that women couldn't live their lives fully, in freedom and in their own way for thousands of years, you can begin to understand what major effect this still has on our subconsciousness, well-being and feelings today.

It's only for the last decades we took our first steps in rediscovering our roots and essence. Mind the word 'discovering'. Dis-Covering. We covered our nature and natural flow of life for a very long time. For the sake of our own lives and for the sake of our children and our families.

In past and gracious times we were playing our role on earth beautifully. We were keepers of Gaia (Mother Earth) and therefore consulted for everything related to life, health and our homes. And Gaia is the greatest and most magnificent home we have. We were the keepers of creativity itself.

In time patriarchism took over, step by step. Literally and figuratively speaking we had to 'cover' ourselves. We became the best adapters in this world. We weren't allowed to think for ourselves, to have possessions and to feel. We weren't allowed to live our own lives.

The last century we made a first step in reclaiming our lives back. We did have success in a way that we now have rights, work, property and money, but the balance isn't there yet.

Now we can see that we are still adapting for a great part of our lives. Because the society we live in today is formed for and by men. And we have made the norms and values of this society our own in such a way, that we don't realize we have forgotten some very important values and capacities seen from the feminine perspective. And that is what our world is reflecting these days. It is out of balance. We accepted that the 'success factors' in live are work, money, power and status. We play along or we back off. The question why there are so few women 'at the top' pops up again and again. Why? If you just think and feel for one second, you will notice immediately that all of these items are very masculine. And because of the fact we women became real masters in adapting, we even can convince ourselves as women that we don't need these feminine aspects. We are doing fine, right?

If we allow the thought that we might actually miss something, the thoughts “So I'm doing something wrong” and “I don't give myself the life I deserve” and even worse “ I don't give my daughter the life she deserves” come lurking around the corner. And that can be really painful. It's raw and confronting.

From there it can happen that we, as women, are judging other women which try to live their life true to their dreams, softness, creativity and spirituality to pieces by mocking it. I don't judge this, I just perceive this. It is a logical response, to cover up our own pain. Our own inner longings, the calling of our intense powerful feminine being, our Goddess.

And yes, it can be really frightful to show. To even acknowledge that you have these feelings. That you are more and that you yearn for more. Also very logical, because we often don't see how we could bring these important parts in our current lives. We are afraid we have to change everything drastic and maybe leave things we love. And then there is this very old fear, still packed in our genes and the collective, to be haunted again, to be dismissed and left alone. These are some powerful old energies that do not serve us any longer. So it's time tot shake them off.

To make a change we have to make ourselves heard en seen.

It's not a one-day-job. It's a vision for change for a more balanced world for our mothers, sisters daughters and granddaughters. To give them the possibility tot show all their beauty, strength, creativity, softness, intelligence and love. So they can radiate and shine and experience bliss and abundance.

To make known that this is not just for a minor group of modern hippies or women out of touch with reality. Don't forget we are all women. Deep down we have the same blueprint. Our blueprint naturally differs from men. That's so important to realize.

Because of the imbalance, men are suffering too. While we got used tot not showing who we really are, our men got used to the absence of true femininity. Many men got so far detached from it, that at the moment women often are labelled as 'difficult'. So women began to act more masculine. The phrase 'If you can't beat them, join them' is still very accurate today.

Changing this will not be a one-day-job also, but if we have the courage to show our essence in a world where women and men can flourish and live from their inner flow, a new society will form.

Things are changing. Many women are discovering themselves because they realize they miss something. And luckily, more and more men also start to see that a sincere woman, living her truth is more interesting and fulfilling then a copy of themselves. This starts them wondering about their own essence. Are they truly living their manhood? This is another precious discovery.

It's not always an easy way. Being a true woman, asks from you to stand for your own femininity.

Being a true man, asks from you to stand for you own manhood.

Living together asks from you to own your own challenges.

Be yourselves and share your beautiful treasures. Enjoy your laughs and tears and be grateful for the gifts presented to you, while sharing. Be bedazzled by all the different things your beloved shows to you, so different from your own being. Be proud of the fact that your beloved is capable of living accordingly to her or his true nature. This can be so powerful, it can blow you of your feet.

But hey, isn't this actually the magic we are all longing for? From childhood on we 'learned' this belongs to the land of fairy tales, but is this so?

Wake up and start feeling! Step by step.

Look for that twinkle, that glimpse of beauty, a sense of longing...

Our purpose of life is to share you treasures with the world in you own powerful way. Not the way you were teached at school, formed at work and molded in society. Let's grasp our courage and show the world who we really are! And make this planet the vibrant and blooming place it once was. A perfect habitat were diversity in all it's forms isn't an exception but appreciated an loved.

So, after all this said: How much Goddess do you allow yourself to be?

Are you joining?

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